Congleton Food4Free’s town centre garden

The garden between Capitol Walk, the bus station and the library is looking beautiful at the moment.  Bees are busy buzzing around all the flowers, and the edibles around the edges are flourishing.   It shows Congleton that it is possible to have sustainable permanent plantings that are colourful and useful for people and wildlife.


The swathe of blue is forget-me-nots, the tall ferny plants with white flowers are sweet cicely, the lower plants with white flowers are sweet woodruff, and the pink/white flowering plants are dwarf comfrey.


The forget-me-nots are providing a wonderful show, and once they have gone over, will be replaced by a trail of nasturtiums with their colourful, and edible, flowers.  The bright green mounds to the right of the blue flowers are clumps of oregano.P1050550  The rest of the herbs are near the edge of the garden by the bench, to make it easy for passers-by to pick.


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