Give the town council your views

Congleton’s Neigbourhood Plan – consultation 2 – is now open with a questionnaire plus three x £100 prizes. Deadline is Mon 25th Jan so don’t put it off.

Well worth doing to get your views across, never mind the money. It’s your town so don’t moan later if things are done that you don’t like!

There are comment boxes at the end of each section to explain your answers or add more info. It does have some odd questions in some places, such as asking your opinion of whether more care homes will be needed in the next 15 years (you mean you don’t know?) but some easier Qs to answer too.

For those not online, paper copies are at the Tourist Info Centre, library, leisure centre, Porters Garage, Mossley Pharmacy and Buglawton Co-op, so do tell others. If you complete it online, make sure you have 30 mins free – you can go back and forward through the pages to see all the Qs and it will keep any answers. Watch out for those radio button answers though because if you scroll at the wrong moment, your answer will change!,

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