How this site is funded

In order to provide free information for this website, we fund the site and our time by:

  • in some cases, selling advertising space on the site for relevant products and services via a third party (e.g. Google Adsense).
  • having in-text links to numerous websites. Some links are
    to affiliated sellers who pay a commission
    on sales. However, we write our articles first, then find links to relevant sites. We then add these links. If we discover that affiliation is possible, we apply to earn commissions. Some of our links take you straight to a particular supplier; some of our links take you to our online shop.
  • having an online shop for cycling, gardening and other items from a number of affiliated retailers, so when you search on an item, you can compare the price of the same or similar products. If you buy products through this shop, we earn a small commission on sales.

If you’re interested in trying something similar, try joining an affiliate scheme such as Affiliate Window or Profitistic.

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