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updated 9th Jan 2015

Save your feet and your time – have your shopping delivered

If the shops are too far away for you to walk or cycle to, or you don’t live on a bus route, or you don’t drive, or don’t want the cost and hassle of driving and parking, then ask about deliveries, or use a taxi to bring home the bags.

With online ordering being so easy, the tradition of grocery deliveries has been resurrected, not just by the major supermarkets but by local suppliers too, either delivering their own produce or a mix of items.

Milkman delivers more than milk
Organic Veg Box + Other Items Home Delivery
Organic Veg Box Home Delivery
One delivery from multiple independent food shops – may be coming soon to Congleton
One delivery of locally sourced foods – could this work in Congleton?
Other services? Let us know.


Your local milkman is probably your first delivery option – not only bringing milk, but other heavy items such as juices, and you can often order eggs, bread, potatoes and other staples in addition to the usual cream, yoghurt and butter. No separate delivery charge either.

Doorstep milk deliveries in Congleton are provided by local Cloud View Dairy at Peover Farm (tel: 01260 223336), who also provide other staples, and there is also Phillip Edwards, Dairyman, in Biddulph (tel: 01782 519199).

Boulton’s Dairy (based in Cobridge, tel: 01782 279907/279288) delivers milk and groceries to the Stoke area as far north as Kidsgrove, so if you live in that direction, ask them if they will come to you. However, they no longer deliver to Congleton.

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Organic Veg Box + Other Items Home Delivery

The Real Food Company (48 & 50 Sandbach Road South, Alsager, Cheshire, ST7 2LP.  Tel: 01270 873322) may be able to deliver – just enquire. They are planning an online ordering service at some stage.

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Organic Veg Box Home Delivery

Riverford Organic Vegetables offer a home delivery service – our nearest franchisees are based in Nantwich (80 Shrewbridge Road, Nantwich, CW5 7AA Tel: Darren & Michele Sharp 01270 625265) and deliver to Congleton. 10 Jan 2014 NB Have contacted Riverford for updates

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One delivery from multiple independent food shops

Here’s a business that’s recently started in Macclesfield – one delivery to your door from multiple shops – greengrocer, butcher, fishmonger… Instead of you going to the supermarket for your food, it comes to you, but from local traders, so you keep local businesses going.

Despite We Deliver Local having an office base in Congleton, deliveries are not available here yet. So do mention this service to your favourite local shops to see if they are interested in joining the scheme.

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One delivery of locally sourced foods

Update – this service no longer operates, even though the website is still in existence. However, we have left the info here in case it inspires someone else to start something similar. 

Local produce can be delivered to your door in Congleton by Go-shop-local, direct from their local suppliers.  This service is based in Sutton, nr Macclesfield and uses 43 Cheshire suppliers, many of whom are in the Macclesfield area.  Delivery is free with a minimum order of £15.  The range includes seasonal produce (fruit, veg and salad boxes), fish plus game from Cheshire Fish (a Macclesfield fishmonger), meat/game/meat pies from Macclesfield butchers, bakery goods from Brassingtons, and cheese made in Crewe and Buxton. Frozen/chilled food is delivered with ice packs to keep in good condition in case you are out. Additionally they can deliver the usual (not local) store cupboard staples in tins, packets and jars.

This idea is certainly supporting Macclesfield’s Food4Macc.  Anyone able to start the same idea for Congleton?
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Other delivery services?

If you know of any other local delivery services, please tell us via our contact form and we will add the information here.

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