Local Transport – buses, trains, taxis

Updated 9th Jan 2015


Buses in Congleton link us with Macclesfield, Crewe, and Holmes Chapel, and with the railway stations that provide longer distance links. Sandbach, Middlewich and Biddulph are also served, as is Leighton Hospital, with less frequent services to Scholar Green and Alsager, amongst others.

Up-to-date bus timetables are on Cheshire East’s website (just use Ctrl + F on your keyboard, then search on the town name), and timetables are displayed at the bus station in the town centre. Additionally you can check on the bus company websites, but because several bus companies may serve the same route on different days or at different times, it is simpler to look at latest route leaflet on Cheshire East’s website. For example, the 38 service Macc-Congleton-Sandbach and Congleton town services. Also see Bakers for their 99 route linking Congleton with Biddulph.


Congleton railway station is staffed in the mornings until 13.40 Mon-Sat.  Other times you are on your own!

It’s only an 8-minute train journey to Macclesfield, so faster than the bus.  17 minutes to Stoke.

Northern Rail provide an hourly service Mon-Sat, with the occasional Cross-Country train calling too.  However, there are only a few trains on Sunday – we could do with a lot more.

First train towards Stoke is at 6.10 on Mon-Sat; 9.28 on Sundays.  First towards Manchester at 6.45 on Mon-Fri; 7.03 on Sat; 10.38 on Sundays. (NB Timetables change in May and December each year, so check before travelling.)


For door-to-door services if you’ve missed the bus, or you’re too cold, wet or hungry to walk or wait, the town is well served by taxis.  Collect up their business cards, or try Congleton’s town centre taxi rank (phone: 01260 279400).

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