Local bakers

updated 9th Jan 2015

From those working out of their home kitchens (such as cake-baker Purple Laura) to long-established family businesses (such as Bond’s Bakery in Hightown, and Chatwins, who’ve branched out across Cheshire), there’s a range of local bread and cakes to choose from. ┬áSo if you are not into making your own bread or cake (yet), then benefit from local expertise, and ask if local ingredients are used too, which would be (sorry…but can’t resist) the icing on the cake.

And if you fancy learning how to make bread, have a look at Food4Macc’s bread-making courses, or find a local class on baking/cookery (ask Congleton library what courses are being offered around the town).

Local bakers produce more than bread and cakes – Purple Laura makes preserves too. There are also traditional Staffordshire oatcakes to be found (eg at Congleton Oatcakes, 28a, Lawton St, Congleton, CW12 1RS Tel: 01260 298040), sweet and savoury pies, home-cooked roast meats for baps and sandwiches, and customised celebration cakes, in addition to Congleton gingerbread made to a secret recipe.

See our map for details of retailers, home bakers and custom cake makers, who can often be found at the local food/farmer’s markets too.

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