Local eggs

updated 9th Jan 2015

Where can you buy locally laid eggs in and around Congleton?  

Apart from keeping your own hens or ducks (see our page on raising your own poultry), you can look at our egg map for location and details, and scroll down this page for any updates from suppliers.  If you are an egg seller, please contact us with the details you’d like added to the map.  If you know of an egg seller, please give us their contact details so we can ask if they’d like to be included.


Town Centre:

Congleton Market (Tues and Sat).  P. Barber’s stall.

R J & J Moore, Greengrocer, 15 Mill St.

Further out:

Glebe Farm, Astbury, CW12 4RQ

Cuttleford Farm Shop, Moreton, Congleton.

Selling from their house:

(See egg map for contact details)
Fiveways, Congleton Edge Road, Congleton

19 Well Lane, Gillow Heath, Biddulph.

This page is about Congleton local food eggs

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