Local honey

update 9th Jan 2015

There are a surprising number of beekeepers in our area and they welcome the opportunity to sell their honey to you either directly or via local outlets.  Until recently we were fortunate to have Howty and L’Endroit honey being produced, but no longer. However there are still stocks of Howty Honey on the shelves in some shops. If you sell local honey, please contact us so we can add your details to our honey map.

Not only do bees provide us with honey, they pollinate many plants including food plants.  Without honey bees, bumble bees, hover flies and other pollinating insects, we would not have tomatoes, peas, beans or any fruit, unless we were prepared to hand pollinate the flowers.  Far easier to let the insects do the job.

Help the bees survive by planting bee-friendly plants in your garden, and if you have to use any pesticides, be sure to use them towards dusk, when the bees will have gone back to their hives for the night.  Bees are incredibly sensitive to all types of pesticides so it’s best not to be spraying anything during the day, so there is no risk of a bee landing on the sprayed plant or being affected by chemicals drifting on the air currents.

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