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19th Feb 2013

Dairy farmers are under pressure from prices offered by supermarkets so some in our area are selling direct to the public.

So where can you buy locally produced milk and dairy products in and around Congleton?  Look at our local milk map for location and details, and scroll down this page for any updates from suppliers.  If you are a local milk producer who sells at the farm gate or delivers to Congleton doorsteps, please contact us with the details you’d like added to the map.  If you know of a local producer or milkman, please give us their contact details so we can ask if they’d like to be included.
Doorstep deliveries of local milk and other items
Local milk from farm shops
Raw milk
Types of milk

Doorstep deliveries of milk and other items:

These local milkmen and dairy farmers all have milk rounds in Congleton:
Cloud View Dairy (milk from Boffey’s farm near Congleton, tel: 01260 223336)
Phillip Edwards (Biddulph, tel: 01782 519199) – including organic
D Moseley & Son, (Astbury-based dairy farmers who deliver 3 times/wk in Congleton). Tel: 01260 272538.

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At local farm shops:

Glebe Farm

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Raw milk from the farm gate:

Natural, untreated milk, straight from the cow, is known as raw milk, but it is only legal to sell it from the farm gate, at the farmhouse’s catering operation, or from milk roundsmen. Additionally, the dairy cows must be from a herd that is officially tuberculosis free, and either brucellosis free or officially brucellosis free. (This info is from the Food Standards Agency website).

One supplier is Newton’s Dairy Farm in Gawsworth, where you can buy milk from their own dairy herd. Raw milk and other milk is available from them at the farm, and treated milk is available via Food4MaccDirect too.

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Types of milk

The Dairy Council has information on what different types of milk are available in the UK. These varieties of milk include whole milk (natural), whole standardised milk, Whole homogenised milk, semi-skimmed milk, skimmed milk, 1% fat milk, organic milk, Jersey and Guernsey milk, flavoured milk, heat-treated milks (pasteurised, sterilised, UHT, evaporated, condensed), untreated (raw) milk, filtered milk, dried milk powder and homogenised milk.

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