Sustainable growth aka de-growth

updated 9th Jan 2015

What is growth, do we need it, have you heard about de-growth?

The Triodos Bank explains more in these articles ‘Make the cake better not bigger‘ and ‘Considerism not consumerism‘.

Some think that sustainability/low carbon aims and business success are mutually exclusive. Why? Read about sustainable business in Green Futures magazine.

There’s also the book, ‘Prosperity without Growth? The transition to a low carbon economy‘, written by Professor Tim Jackson, the Sustainable Development Commission’s Economics Commissioner and published in 2009.  Nantwich library has a copy, so you can reserve it to borrow from other Cheshire East libraries.  Or you can download the report that the book is based on from the Sustainability Development Commission’s archived website. The commission was owned by and advised UK government on relevant issues but was closed in 2011.

Steps towards a locally resilient and future-proof Congleton