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Congleton Food4Free’s town centre garden

The garden between Capitol Walk, the bus station and the library is looking beautiful at the moment.  Bees are busy buzzing around all the flowers, and the edibles around the edges are flourishing.   It shows Congleton that it is possible to have sustainable permanent plantings that are colourful and useful for people and wildlife.The swathe of blue is forget-me-nots, the tall ferny plants with white Read more [...]

Keep Congleton’s heart green

Spread the word - raise awareness and help raise funds. A green patch of Congleton town centre is up for sale and under threat. Why is this important? Congleton is unusual for the green fingers of land that reach the centre of town. Tucked away behind the main shopping street, Moody St and Waggs St, there is a strip of land alongside The Howty brook that leads to Priesty Fields, Lambert's Lane Read more [...]

Buy from local producers to know what meat you are getting

Avoid mistakingly eating horsemeat by using Congleton farmers, butchers, processors and retailers - they know what they're selling. The danger to quality of a long and unaccountable chain of meat suppliers, from the farm to the slaughterhouse, processor, packager and retailer, have become very apparent this week with horsemeat and pork being found in processed 'beef' products. Fortunately in Read more [...]